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Affiliate Program - Kangen Water Ionizers

Enagic has a great affiliate program, for those that love their Kangen water machines and would like to help spread the water (word). It’s a fairly simple business, you can give your friend free water samples, show them this site, and demo videos. If they would like to learn more about the product directly from out experts, you can call or online chat anytime. You will get credit for any sales that you help generate, we can discuss the details is a 10 minutes phone call and email more information.

Contact Us for more information about our business opportunities and sponsorship.

Mr. J Hecocks –   209   403   0603

Health Coach and Hydration Specialist
B.S. in Kinesiology

Josh Hecocks Enagic Kangen water

Mr. D Names –    657     237     4621

Natural Health Advocate and Yogi