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Kangen Water Demos

Review helpful Kangen Water Demos. Review Demonstrations, Personal Trainer Reviews, Celebrity Profiles, and the pure science of Kangen Water Ionizers.

Enagic Kangen Water Overview Demo:

Daniel Demo: How to Use A Water Ionizer in the Kitchen

‘Tapped’ Bottle Water Trailer

The Science Behind Kangen Water

Blood Analysis on Red Blood Cells

What Doctors Are Saying

Dr Michael Detailed Scientific Review:

Scientific Demo: Acidic vs Alkalizing Fighting Diseases

Dr. Oz On The Benefits of Anti Oxidants

Dr Hiromi Shinya: Inventor of Colonoscopy and Author of The Enzyme Factor

Athletes and Celebrities

Kevin Hart Drinking Kangen Water

Sports Trainer: Seattle Seahawks

Sports Trainer: Kim Lyons about Kangen Diet

Grant Cardon: Kangen Water

In the News

News/ High Cholesterol

Is Bottle Water Really Better Than Tap?